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WeeAwayLogoOur Wee Away product line are industrial grade cleaning and odor removal products available for the home.

Walk About Dog TreatsWhen developing our Walk About Dog Treats, our objectives were simple; we wanted to supply your dog the healthiest food possible. Our Products

I recently bought Be Gone for pet stains, and it worked so well I decided to try it on an iced tea stain that no other product would remove. I used two applications and the stain is gone!
Odors Away is an amazing product! It worked immediately and smells wonderful. Thanks for making something that actually works.
A friend recommended Wee Away for my cat urine issues and its AMAZING!
 I have tried everything on the market for urine and Wee Away is the first product that actually WORKS!!! No stain, odor and my dog is not going back to the same area. I recently purchased the Be Gone just to try it for everyday stains around the house and it works great.